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Can you remember your first day of school? If you were like me, even though there wasn't a lot of joy in the end of summer vacation, there was the excitement of wearing your fresh, new school outfit and wondering whether any of your buddies would be in your new class!

When the teacher hands out the list of school supplies needed for the term, you couldn’t wait to get home and drag your parents to the local store so that they could buy them. You proudly packed your book bag and felt prepared for the next day!

But what if your parents couldn’t afford to buy your school supplies?

That’s why The Birthday Project was developed. Our organization provides backpacks filled with school supplies and birthday gift kits for children in need. Please come and join us in making a child at a time.


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Help us to help the residents of these storm-stricken areas with much needed supplies. Your generous and heartfelt donation of any amount will go a long way towards meeting some of the needs of our neighbors. Please visit our What's New page for further information.